(Agile) Manufacturing

Napredni sistem za planiranje i organizaciju proizvodnje


Production planning

Standard solutions tried and tested in the industry.

Inventory planning, production plan term, capacity optimization, product support for complex structures- make full use of CATIA 3D model data.

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Defines the factory-level production plan and the resources needed to implement it.

The activities are capacity analysis, production bottleneck prevention, production deadline simulation, and up-to-date information to suppliers and customers about planned delivery dynamics.

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Plans the provizion of resources necessary for production realization.

Synchronization of procurement orders with production orders, forecasts of procurement based on scheduled work orders, planning of raw material inventories and finished goods.

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Defines the detailed term production plan.

Use of optimization tools based on basic capacity criteria to maximize utilization of production resources

Manufacturing planner

Meet customer due dates
Improve customer service
Anticipate load fluctuations
Synchronize production with other factories
Reduce inventory and cycle time
Re-synchronize flow lines
Contingency planning to minimize production disruptions
Reduce planning time
Easily integrates with ERP