Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Sveobuhvatna platforma za upravljanje proizvodnjom



Production management platform

Integrisana platforma, kompletno rešenje za upravljanje proizvodnjom, podržava globalnu mrežu dislociranih proizvodnih pogona.

It enables rapid and complete integration of suppliers regardless of location, activity, complexity of operations, and works globally.

"Center of Excellence" management based on unique control parameters enables the parallel comparison of your own production performance with the suppliers, as well as perfect alignment of the operating system.

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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


A new generation of automatic report creation tools that monitor and display the status of production processes in real time

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


AUTOMATIC Collection of execution data directly from the production line in real time. Standard IIoT connection. The machine operator works effectively, the machine signals the statuses used in reporting.

COM port connection, support for OPC-U communication that enables maximum automation of machine-to-machine communication

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Marking quality problems directly on the 3D model, encoding the cause of the defect.

Mobile support, can be monitored by the carrier on its console.

Production Monitoring Cockpit


Detailed insight into the production status and task division. Timely reacting to workloads and reallocation of work in accordance with realistic production data.

Review of the degree of certainty. Current work order statuses, production workloads, real-time job redistribution. Operators receive instructions on their consoles.

Detailed insight Employees, problems, activities, comments

Status change Declaration of completion, suspension, and initiation of orders

Real-time schedule correction Reallocation of work according to the line load in real time

DELMIA Apriso Mobility

Work in nomad mode

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New possibilities for creating mobile Apriso applications that work even without an internet connection. You can create screens for offline mode, archive data to mobile devices for fieldwork, and synchronize with the server upon returning to the network.

Work flexibility in situations on the ground or in a non-internet facility.

Supports all the functions of the platform for any function in operation, assembly, production scheduling...

Save important documents on mobile devices, they will be available to you even in offline mode.