Post Processor Programming

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Solfins post processors run a couple HUNDRED machines at our clients' shop floors! CAM software is just a starting point, but for the best results for your machine, for your products, and for your manufacturing workflows, post-processors and continuous professional technical support is the key for productivity.

What is a CNC Post Processor?

Post Processor is a translator that translates machining simulations from CAM software to a language that CNC machines can understand - as a G-code or ISO-code, but there are other specialized languages (robots, Heidenhein, Homag Woodwop)...

It is very important to understand the complexity of post processor programming. Generic post processors can do the job for simple machining operations with some extra manual corrections in G-code. Free post processors have the value that reflects their price. But post processors that truly add value to your machine's efficiency and profitability are a meaningful investment with excellent ROI.

If you have an expensive complex machine, a post-processor will keep it safe and productive!

If you want to expand your machine portfolio first check out what we can do with your existing machines - Let us boost them! 

You have a CNC machine and want a post processor?

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