CATIA Systems Schematic Engineer (TIC)

Aplikacija specijalizovana definisanje elektro, fluid, HVAC podsistema...


Create discipline-specific intelligent schematics for wiring, cabling, piping/tubing and HVAC systems 

Systems Schematics Designer role allows a complete integrated workflow that links Systems Architecture definitions through to detailed 3D Electrical & Fluidic systems design. Systems schematic designers can capture functional & logical architecture and connectivity using discipline specific extensions of the logical model such as harness, net, wire, connector, pipes, equipment. The Systems Schematics Designer role contributes to optimize the electrical & fluid systems design process through an efficient user interface and automation of common tasks.

Short Description:

- Define and connect electrical and fluid systems schematics for a complete detailed system definition

- Capture attributes and technology automatically within the schematic

- Analyze connectivity and quality of schematic design and ensure synchronization with the 3D design using business intelligence rule

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