SolidCAM Simulator
Teme, kolizije, merenja i podešavanja simulacija mašinske obrade

SolidCAM Simulator je alat za simulaciju kinematike rada mašine, alata i radnog prostora:

  • brza simulacija kompleksne geometrije (šupljina, površina)

  • apsolutna kontrola na svakoj tački simulacije


Themes Overview

  • Visualization features of SolidCAM’s classic Simulation modes are now available in SolidCAM Simulator as preconfigured themes

  • Easily select your preferred mode or toggle between available ones

  • Default theme now has improved graphics and optimized performance

  • Emulate the familiar 3D Simulation inside SolidCAM Simulator

  • Emulate the familiar Turning Simulation inside SolidCAM Simulator

  • SolidCAM Simulator also offers a theme specifically optimized for faster processing of heavy parts with complex 3D geometry and long tool paths


Custom Themes & Theme Editor

  • Simulator's Theme Editor enables you to manage the preconfigured themes and create any number of custom themes based on a variety of settings

  • Theme Editor > Toolpath Visual Settings enables you to modify the appearance of the simulated tool path

  • Theme Editor > Solid Body Visual Settings enables you to modify the appearance of all solid bodies participating in the simulation

  • Toggle on/off visualization of your fixture during simulation playback


Clash Detection

  • Option to check for possible collisions between all the components that participate in the machining (incl., Tool, Tool Holder, Machined Stock and the Fixture)

  • Detailed feedback is provided for detected collisions so they can be thoroughly reviewed

  • 3D tool and holder changes color and corresponding collision point is shown in the graphics area

  • Hover mouse over collision point to show detailed information and review options

  • Collision detections and their exact locations are displayed on the Operations bar

  • Warning Message


Dynamic Measuring

  • Dynamically measure one item or a combination of multiple items (up to six) at any stage of the simulation

  • Simply highlight the item(s) you want to measure

  • Data options and indicators are shown when you hover your mouse

  • Easily and accurately measure a face, an edge or a vertex


Views & View Manipulations

  • Change the view orientation using your keyboard controls (same as SOLIDWORKS)

  • Left/right arrow keys – Vertical axis rotation

  • Up/down arrow keys – Horizontal axis rotation

  • Shift + left/right or up/down arrows – 90° rotation around vertical/horizontal axis

  • Plane Rotation - Alt + left/right arrow keys – Rotates model normal to the current viewing plane (similar to Roll View in SolidWorks)

  • Disable rotation option – model will not rotate when middle mouse wheel is pressed


Machine Time Mode - Equal Playback Time

  • New option to smoothly simulate your operations in a specified, equal amount of time instead of by their actual machining time

  • Helpful when reviewing many operations with drastically different tool path steps or total machining times

  • Set your desired playback time

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Dynamic Highlighting

  • Dynamically highlight faces, edges and vertices on the Machined Stock at any stage of the simulation

  • Highlight one item by selecting it or multiple items at a time by holding the Ctrl key to multi-select them

  • Highlight by selection

  • Hover highlighting indicates when your pointer is poised to select an item

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Standard Turning Views

  • Quickly and easily change the view orientation of your Turning and Mill-Turn parts using SolidCAM’s familiar Standard Turning Views

  • CAM Iso Z Up and Turning Isometric are also available on the View Cube

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Simulator’s SolidVerify Theme

  • Simulator’s SolidVerify Theme - Emulate the familiar SolidVerify Simulation inside SolidCAM Simulator

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