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Odoo CMS - a big picture

The essence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the appropriation of global and local social trends to redefine how things are made. Today's consumers are demanding and want more than just the product - they want a personalized and quality user experience!

Dassault Systemes is a leader in product lifecycle management and is an innovative way of addressing Industry 4.0. A platform was created to provide a set of tools from different brands of the company (Catia, Enovia, Delmia, Simulia), each of which has one of four basic functions:

  1. Management

  2. 3D Modeling

  3. Analysis

  4. Business reporting

3DEXPERIENCE in the development and production of machines and equipment

From Idea to delivery

Using the applications in these kits covers every segment from initial development to production, sales and after sales. The platform name is 3Dexperience platform and as its name implies at its core is 3D information.

Each product starts with a concept. It is necessary to gather information from the market and provide a wider audience to debate and communicate about the future product and its desired functions.

The platform has an "idea management" subsystem and redirects informal communication from a client's email to your company's internal social network. Selected and approved ideas become future project requirements and are still monitored by the function of the project management platform, allocated adequate resources and moved into a detailed elaboration of the product idea and prototype.

Depending on the product, the prototype can be physical or virtual using applications from the Analysis and Simulation kits. Upon further verification and final design of the physical prototype, approval may be given to develop detailed documentation. This phase usually takes the most time in the whole development cycle, since it is necessary to create a large amount of commercial and technical-technological documentation.

If a 3D PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) approach, or better known under the term MBD (Model Based Definition), is applicable at this stage, then it is only necessary to check, validate, and generate 3D PDF documentation, which will be further distributed in paper form to manufacturers or suppliers.

By using the MBD approach, the Avio and Auto industries have been shortening the cycle of introducing new products for years, and it is time to apply such a tried and tested approach to manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

Aplikacije za upravljanje projektima koja povezuju zadatke i aktivnosti sa razvojem proizvoda i opreme radi statusa i procene u realnom vremenu.

Podržan strukturni top-down pristup upravljanju projektima kao i agilni bottom up pristup ka kontinualnom planiranju

Everything in one place - Digital continuity

Complete specification in one place without duplicating information.

  • electrical cabling

  • software for PLC

  • mechanical and electrical components

  • logical subsystem

  • technical documentation

  • user manuals

  • kinematics analyses and simulations

  • structural analyses and simulations

  • variations and configurations



Video presentation of the whole solution.

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Konfigurisanje dokumentacije (kada je inženjerski uređena i definisana spram mogućnosti konfiguracije)

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3D Konfigurator vaše opreme

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Kompletno rešenje u web tehnologiji.

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