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SolidWorks Simulation Software

SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows you to test the realistic working conditions for your product or construction in the early stages of development. 

SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows testing to be an integral part of the product’s conceptual development. It is not a tool to determine whether something is good or bad at the end of the development process, but a tool that will help engineers make all the right decisions, when it’s not too late for changes. 

It answers questions such as: "Will it last?", "Can it be cheaper?", "Can a different material be used?", "How long will it take?", "Will the mechanism work?", "What’s optimal? "

It saves time and money by eliminating bugs, rejects, and prototypes. It is easy to use and doesn’t require expert knowledge.


Basic functions

What technical tasks are solved by SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

According to the given criteria, it can independently optimize the geometry of the product so that the construction carries the load with minimum weight and cost. The software alerts you to workloads that will exceed safety levels or lead to excessive deformation and stress.

The software can also help you determine the life of the product through fatigue analysis, then help you avoid the risk of bending of the structure, analyze thermal phenomena (conduction, convection, radiation) and warn you about product overheating or poor cooling. It also lets you check structures made of composite materials, etc.

It analyzes large deformations, elastic elements, deformations in the zone of elasticity and plasticity, nonlinear problems, dynamic behavior of structures (dynamic system response, vibrations, etc.). 

Who is SOLIDWORKS Simulation meant for?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a comprehensive collection of advanced calculation and simulation tools. It is intended for every engineer and is simple enough not to require expert knowledge, but every mechanical engineer who does design and construction can and should use it on a daily basis to help make the right engineering decisions.

Static analysis

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Stress and strain calculation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows users to define, on their existing circuits, the relationships between parts, set external loads, start the simulation and view reports from which they can view the stress state, deformations, relative deformations, distribution of the degree of safety ...

This module answers the following questions

  • Will load breakage occur?

  • Can it be done more easily and cheaper?

  • Can it be done with a different material?

  • What is the safety level?

  • Check thin walled structures (Shell elements)?

  • Analysis of lattice structures (Beam elements)?

Frequency analysis 

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Determining frequency

There are activities in which it is very important to avoid the area of frequency loads that can lead to self-excited vibrations, ie resonance.

There are also those companies whose products only work properly when the resonant frequency and form of oscillation are affected. The Telsonic company from Kać produces ultrasonic sonotrodes that are based on this principle.

Telsonic Ultrasonic >>

Using this module, the following machine system parameters can be specified:

  • Its own frequency

  • Resonance

  • Vibration

  • Noise

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Dinamičke simulacije vibracija

Frequency - osnovna testiranja prirodnih vibracija za proveru krutosti objekata bez potrebe za unosom opterećenja

Modal Time History - analize zasnovane na vremenskim imputima, uključujući sile, ubrzanja, brzine i raspored vibracija, uz akcelerometarska očitavanja

Frequency-based Analysis - imputi zasnovani na frekvencijama (umesto na vremenskim intervalima), pomoću kojih analiziramo amplitude u cilju predviđanja tačke u kojima objekat ne može više da izdrži vibracije. Ovde spadaju tri tipa posebnih analiza: Harmonic Analysis, Random Vibration (PSD analize) i Response Spectrum Analysis.

Simulacije vibracija >


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Kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms (time-based)

SOLIDWORKS Motion simulates the operation of moving elements in circuits. By defining engines, contacts, and loads that affect the entire system, the software calculates the load of the individual parts.

It tells the constructor whether the mechanism will work, whether the parts will break or whether the plastic will deform, determine the speeds and accelerations of the moving elements, display data in the form of diagrams ...

Take a look at how Solfins engineers solve real-world engineering problems by applying this module.

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Kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms (event-based motion)

This module does everything time-based analysis does, but it also has the ability to define complete gantt charts of a single system or machine and easily calculate cycle times and prepare for PLC programming for management. The system allows us to mathematically model modors, actuators, sensors and their curves and to simulate how our machine will work.


Dynamic analyis

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Loads in dynamic operating conditions

SOLIDWORKS Simulation can do linear and nonlinear dynamic analysis.

Linear dynamic simulation studies the effect of forced vibrations on observed structures or products. It also allows you to set time-dependent loads and analyze time-dependent results.

Nonlinear dynamic simulation studies the effect of time-dependent loads on nonlinear materials. It determines the impact forces as well as velocities, accelerations, stresses, displacements, and relative deformations.

Nonlinear analysis

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Stresses and deformations beyond the elastic limit

Nonlinearity can be expressed through the analysis of materials such as plastics, elastomers, or metals that behave differently at high stresses.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides analysis where permanent deformation is possible. Using this software, it is possible to observe the effects of material flow, large deformations (spring elements), change of material properties with temperature change ...

Analysis of bending and structure stability

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Linear and nonlinear bending

The twisting load represents one of the most complex and critical deformation states of the machine structure and therefore needs to be thoroughly checked in the design verification process. 

SOLIDWORKS Simulation in a virtual environment enables the simulation of products on a linear (Euler twist) but also nonlinear twist. One of the advantages of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation software solution is the fact that the buckling load can be analyzed with and without the influence of external loads. Individual parts and assemblies can be analyzed.

Thermal analysis

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Determination of the temperature field

The thermal analysis module in SOLIDWORKS Simulation software enables the determination of the effects of thermal changes on the structure and the analysis of heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation. Using this module, the user can analyze the problems that arise due to the heating or cooling of the structure.

The presentation of the temperature distribution (temperature field) on the observed object helps the constructor to better understand the influence of thermal stresses on the strength of the machine system or structure, and to make the necessary modifications based on the data obtained.

Composite analysis

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Composite construction

It allows the analysis of composite structures, made of multi-layered materials or sandwich panels. The strength of composite materials is analyzed through several different failure criteria: Tsai-Hill, Tsai-Wu, or through the analysis of maximum normal stresses.

Optimization of structures

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Multi-criteria structural analysis

Multi-criteria optimization automatically determines the optimum design characteristics of products and structures based on defined criteria.

The basic criteria can be the calculation of strength, deformation, thermal conditions, vibration, stability or bending. Based on these criteria, the system optimizes geometry, volume or mass and allows the user to:

  • Find a simple path to the best solution

  • Compare the price of a part / assembly of different materials

  • See whether the part/assembly can be cheaper, easier, or smaller

Drop test analysis

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Simulation of a fall from a certain height

Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation in a virtual environment can determine what will happen when a product or construction falls on different types of substrates.

A fall simulation can also determine what happens between the parts of a product during a fall, which further helps in the process of verifying the design of the product.

Analysis of pressure vessels

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Pressure Vessel design

Pressure vessel analysis is performed under the influence of a combination of external load, pressure in the vessel, and temperature to determine the stresses in the vessel wall in accordance with international standards and norms

Topological study


Automated parts optimization 

The Topology Study allows the user to automatically optimize the geometry of a part by achieving one of the following three parameters:

  • Best strength-to-mass ratio

  • Achieving the least possible amount of deformations (displacement)

  • Reduction of mass with deformation smaller than the given ones

Tabela funkcionalnosti

SolidWorks Simulation softverski paketi

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Download the free brochure

The simulation tools available on the SolidWorks platform are:

  • additional tools in the 3D CAD package for all engineers who are able to quickly and cheaply test their projects and find the best possible solutions

  • independent software for professionals involved in calculating, analyzing, and approving models and steps for the next step in the development process

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation bundles

Simulation Standard

The standard Simulation package contains basic linear static analysis for parts and assemblies, fatigue analysis, and motion analysis of mechanisms. It offers users the ability to do advanced post-process and prepare models for analysis 
  • Linear static analysis for parts and assemblies
  • Analysis of kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms (time based motion)
  • Fatigue analysis of structures
  • Advanced postprocessing tools
  • Advanced model preparation tools for analysis
  • Comparison of results between different simulation studies
  • Monitoring the trends of the observed parameters when varying the construction

Simulation Professional

The Professional Simulation package contains everything that the Standard package does, with additional functionality in terms of frequency analysis, thermal structural analysis, bend analysis, drop-height analysis and pressure vessel analysis ... 
  • Stability and buckling analysis
  • Analysis of kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms (event based motion)

  • Thermal analysis
  • Drop test
  • Analysis of pressure vessels
  • Product optimization based on simulation study data
  • The most advanced model preparation tools
  • Topological study

Simulation Premium

The Premium Simulation package is the most comprehensive SOLIDWORKS Simulation package and contains everything that the Professional package does, with additional functionality regarding dynamic analysis and analysis of composite products ...
  • Linear dynamic analysis
        1.  Modal Time history
        2. Harmonic
        3.  Random vibrations
        4.  Response spectrum
  • Nonlinear analysis
       1. Nonlinear static analysis
       2. Nonlinear dynamic analysis
  • Composite analysis
  • Support for time dependent loads
  • Support for large deformations
  • Running simulation calculations on multiple computers to save time

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